How can we maximize the positive impact of our investable wealth?

PCG Investments is a single-family office. Our goal is to strategically apply 100% of our assets and 100% of our financial returns in order to maximize our net positive impact and contribute to tackling the world’s most pressing problems.

How we work


We strive to create maximum social value, using all resources at our disposal as means to help us achieve this end


We are impartial in our approach, using (impact) investing and philanthropy as appropriate to maximize overall portfolio impact


We use careful reasoning and evidence if possible, to fund the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems

What we do

Commercial real estate

Own, develop and rent out high-quality commercial properties, focusing primarily on supermarkets and high street stores

Public equity & debt

Invest in public equity and debt, with a values-aligned socially responsible investing approach, mainly to generate financial returns which can be granted philanthropically

Private equity & debt

Provide direct equity and/or debt financing to (social) companies like PEG Africa, Seedlink and Util, as well as via (impact) funds like Stray Dog, Pymwymic & Oasis Capital


Fund and support highly effective non-profit organizations like Effective GivingTotal Portfolio Project and the Effective Altruism Funds

Contact us

    Contact information:

    PCG Investments
    Industrieweg 14K
    1231 KH Loosdrecht
    Tel: +31 (0)35  697 0527