Robert Boogaard

Industrieweg 14K, 1231 KH Loosdrecht, Netherlands  >>
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My goal is to make my maximum contribution to a better world. I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, enjoying some successes, but also having to overcome several failures. Now I dedicate myself to catalyzing positive change in the world, through investing and philanthropy, via the following initiatives:

Partner |
PCG Investments is a single family office. Our goal is to make our maximum contribution to a better world, by investing 100% of our assets and 100% of our returns to create positive and lasting social, ecological and economic value. >>

Project catalyst |
The Maximizing Impact Project aims to explore how impact driven investors and philanthropists can maximize the impact across their total portfolios, including philanthropy. >>

Founder |
Jazi Foundation is dedicated to maximizing the impact of philanthropy. It does this by funding, supporting and stimulating initiatives that help to make philanthropy more effective. >>

Chairman |
Effective Giving supports major philanthropists who are committed to maximizing their impact. It does this, at no cost, by connecting them with experts, like-minded peers and the most impactful opportunities. >>

To contact me about any of these initiatives, please use one of the emails above. Also feel free to connect via LinkedIn (note: I only accept connection requests from people I have met).

Look forward to connecting,
Robert Boogaard